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1/4″ Grade 30 Chain with S Hook on both ends
Length: 54″
Safe Working Limit: 1,300lbs
Breaking Strength: 5,200lbs

Safe Working Limit: 800lbs
Breaking Strength: 3,200lbs
Grade:  30

*With S-Hook at one end

Safe Working Limit: 2,600lbs
Breaking Strength: 7,800lbs
Grade: 43

*Slip Hook with latch on one end

Safe Working Limit: 5,400lbs
Breaking Strength: 16,200lbs
Grade: 43

3/8″ Grade 70 Chain 38″ Length with 1 Slip Hook
Length: 38″
Safe Working Limit: 6,600lbs.
Breaking Strength24,600lbs.

3/8″ Grade 70 Chain
Grab Hook with Safety Latch on both ends
Length: 60″
Safe Working Limit: 6,600lbs
Breaking Strength: 26,400lbs

5/16″ Grade 30 Chain with S Hook on one end
Length: 30″
Safe Working Limit: 1,900lbs.
Breaking Strength: 7,600lbs